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Price List No.1

Sales Arrangements

Sales Arrangements issued on 31 October 2017 (Revised on 29 December 2017)

Sales Arrangements issued on 31 October 2017

Register of Transactions

Register of Transactions kept for the purpose of section 60 of the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance

Deed of Mutual Covenant

Deed of Mutual Covenant

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Aerial Photo of the Development

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Application Guide (For Green Form Applicants)

Application Guide (For White Form Applicants)

Ballot Result

After receipt of the application forms (including online applications), Hong Kong Housing Society ("HS") had already sent an acknowledgement letter, with assigned application numbers, to applicants. In early January 2018, HS has assigned a priority number to each application (including online application) by computer balloting and all applicants will receive their (i) priority number and (ii) approximate flat selection sequence in the category in writing(Note).

Applicants could also check his/her assigned priority number and flat selection sequence in the category by filling in the Hong Kong Identity Card number or application number in the following field:

Latest Sales Position

Latest Sales Position

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Resale Restrictions

Resale Restrictions

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Mortgage Arrangement

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Flat Selection Arrangements during Tropical Cyclone Black Rainstorm Warning Signals

News issued on 3 January 2018

To Obtain Sales Brochure, Price List(s) and Information on Sales Arrangement

News issued on 30 October 2017